3- tips on how to Travel on a Budget

Hello! How do you survive as a low budget traveler? No worries, I got you!

You have probably seen a few of my pictures about travel on social media and wondered how I go about this. This morning a friend inboxed me via Instagram and asked me for a few tips on how I do my travels so while I was texting her I was like, sure? Why not? I Can just make a blog about this and share with an even larger audience and here are few tips to get you covered.

  1. Passion Always comes first.


Hola! You just heard me. I said passion. You really can’t go traveling around on a tight budget if you are not passionate about travel itself. If it doesn’t excite you, honey! Give it a break because you are going to need a lot of zeal to travel on a skimpy budget. When you have to calculate first whether to buy that souvenir or get onto that ferry, you have to prioritize and find out what traveling really means to you as an individual. So pack your passion first before you think of anything else because that is what gives you the energy to keep going even when you think it’s not worth it. But believe me, no matter how challenging, each travel experience is always worth it.

      2. Networks. 


Yes. Networks. I mean goddamn connections. Go out there and connect with different people. This might sound unbelievable but its a major way out. I personally spend a lot of time in solitude trying to read, create content and etc, but I also spend a lot of time online. So these social media platforms bring a lot of people my way. The people who come to my rescue when I am stuck. (It might shock you but how you brand yourself also matters: People connect with me because they appreciate my work, my posts, blogs, photography, pictures or art. So present yourself in such a way that people want to connect with you. What would make someone want to connect with you? Think about it!)

Try to connect with people in your planned destination. via Instagram, Facebook, and even tinder. (Yeah! I said Tinder) – A lot of people are ashamed of saying that they use this platform and every once in a while, you get to see a face there that you know but is using a fake name. Honestly, unless your intentions are truly perverted like you only want to meet [people for sex, and one night stands, carry on, who knows? You might end up with some sucker and regret why you even joined]. But if you are there to truly connect with people and add some value to yourself in one way or another, you’re going to need this app. I know a couple of people and families who hosted me and treated me well really, and I met these people on Tinder. I also got so many work/job opportunities by connecting with people on this app(Unbelievable right?). So connect and don’t feel guilty about it because sometimes it’s going to be your only way out. And when you reach your destination, interact with the local people, the staff at your hotel, and treat everyone kindly. This will pay back.

Warning! (Don’t over connect if you are engaged. Ha-ha. Why give your fiance an opportunity to dump you? Be strategic and take calculated risks. You may also not connect if you are wealthy and have all the resources you need in your travels. So your attitude matters a lot) Bottomline is; it always counts down to you as an individual and your personal values.

       3.  Work or Service Exchange

Yes. This is really not funny actually because it is a major way to reduce your expenses. Ever heard of the world-packers community? Try to connect. This platform helps you exchange your service or skills for accommodation in places you plan to travel to. Personally, I have tried this and it has worked. Ask the Safari park to accept your skills as a volunteer. Have something positive to offer and in exchange, they may give you free accommodation, meals, local tours, and an opportunity to learn a new language and interact with the local people. Most of my mini travels’ here an there are composed of this. As a writer, I offer to write a few blog posts about the place I am visiting, take pictures for my social media platforms, create a blog or site for them, write posts for them on their pages and websites, in general, I get the people in my circles to know that this place exists. And that is something you can do too.  Look through your skills, identify which ones you can offer in exchange for accommodation, meals, or anything. Depends on your host and you are good to go. It is a mutual benefit. But think about it very carefully.

Note that also sometimes people and organizations will just host you out of kindness and free will. That’s why you have to mind how you interact with people too. You never know who your lucky gem is!  That’s it for now!  I hope this post gave you some insights! Kindly follow my instagram a to find more amazing posts!


au’ revoir.

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