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A body that goes out of its way to assist others –
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A body that goes out of its way to assist others –



If you’re in Africa, you are probably aware of how helpful and integrated into our communities the microfinance institutions have become.  Mostly because most of the financial institutions can only assist (the corporate) corporations and also, not necessarily individuals but institutions, so micro-finance is where the society’s average or low-income earners are likely to run to. This works, it has worked and it’s still working.

In Mbale for example, new microfinance is now running. ‘Top Micro Support Limited and below, read the blog to find out how best it can help if you’re in Mbale, or how you can partner or become a shareholder as the institution is still at start-up level and is open to shareholders. (Write a message in the comment form if interested).

When Mohamed the founder was working in Kampala, he worked with only corporate institutions, when he moved to Busia however, he started micro-lending and in the long run, realized how much small loans could change people’s lives. This derived a passion in him, to do microloans, and reach out to people who were ignored by big corporate institutions. After that, he moved to Mbale with a new financial institution, which took him back to corporate lending. This again made him realize that his passion was not being served so he immediately made a decision, that he would found microfinance and together with a mini team as you’ll read in more blogs, registered Top Micro Support Ltd, an institution that responds to the financial issues of the people in Mbale, through small loans.

When asked why he chose Mbale, Medi revealed that it’s because Mbale is home as being African, he believes that ‘his blessings start from home’ therefore working in Mbale and starting a sustainable venture in his home town is a double win.

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Company Objectives

  • To commence, continue, develop, establish, support and carry on the business of finance and banking consultancy services.
  • To establish, look after and generally deal in the business of financial services, banking services consultancy, supporting financial literacy programs with the aim of enriching populations and different stakeholders with knowledge and skills guidance on finance and banking.
  • To lend money, support with venture capital, and guide companies and bargain for individuals and companies on a price for credit facilities with financial supporting institutions to minimize loan related costs at agreed commissions.
  • To establish and carry on all kinds of agency, including bank’s agency, business ventures, commissions agents, manufacturers’ representatives financial, promoters, brokers and general contractors and undertakings in respect of the above objectives.

A Businessman and one of the stakeholders at Top Micro Support Ltd Mr. Lookman Wafuba, says that he joined Top Micro Support Ltd because he wants to be part of the body that goes out of its way to assist others.

A discussion with Mr.Wafuba

Mr. Lookman born on January 1960, is also the Chairman of Bumugyege clan in Mbale, the chairman of P.T.A – Mbale School for the Deaf, he is a member of the BOG Mbale School for the Deaf, the L.C. 2 C/M South Central Ward Industrial Division and V/C & C/M BOG Bukonde Secondary School.

In a mini-interview with Mr. Lookman, he answers a few questions as below.

To you, what is Top Micro Support Ltd?

  • Well, as the name suggests Top Micro Support was a created with a purpose of assisting or supporting those in need especially parents who need to pay tuition for their children but cannot have large sums of money at their exposure as urgently as the academic institution may need them to. That’s what it is, a body that supports those in need.

Where do you see Top Micro Support in the next five years?

  • If all goes well, we are hoping that we become Micro Support(s), not a single Top Micro Support. We should have reached out to other regions in the country as well.

What piece of advice would you give to young people who want to be businessmen or those who would like to start an initiative similar to Top Micro Support?

  • I would like to advise those who are school-going to stay in school so that in the future, they can afford whatever they want.
  • Those who are out of school but want to go back should come here so that we give them financial support in the form of microloans.

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Now that you know about Top Micro Support Ltd, feel free to contact them via their facebook page here, or comment below to ask questions on how you can get a loan with them (only if you are a resident of Mbale –Uganda) for now, or about how you can become a share hold. Here’s a new investment opportunity for you. Cheers!

Please be on the lookout for other blogs on Top Micro Support, what their employees have got to say, and so much more you’d rather not miss. Au revoir.

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