www.lunkuse.com is an Independent website focused on publishing stories of social entrepreneurs, organizations, and communities, primarily focusing on community & sustainable development, entrepreneurship and as well women,  children, youth empowerment in Eastern Africa. The website is meant to highlight these stories and thus create awareness and as well, publicity for emerging entrepreneurs, projects, community-based and non-government organizations.

Our new addition to the site is the ‘Lunkuse Label’, an online shop meant to purchase and resell uniquely handcrafted products from our women interviewees at LUNKUSE.COM. These products include jewelry, artistry and other apparel, made by the people under the community-based organizations Lunkuse is partnering with. Some products are however purchased from independent makers, with an end goal of returning ten precent annual profit off this small business, to the community for development projects based on the theme of that particular year. Unlike the Lunkuse.com website which was launched earlier in 2018, the Lunkuse Label is a new enterprise recently registered in November 2018.

As a website already publishing stories, both individuals and small community-based organizations are already being profiled by us! Imagine the impact with the success of this shop which is going to officially make us a small business? Generating more impact! (Well, why not purchase a product that empowers others?)



Lunkuse Betty Ssekirevu/ Paulls

I am an Independent  Ugandan blogger, storyteller, model, and freelance writer currently focused on Community & Sustainable Development, entrepreneurship, youth, children and women empowerment in Eastern Africa.  I am exploring how communities are co-existing with the environment while meeting their needs, and also how they are taking it upon themselves to ensure that the needs of future generations are not compromised.


Community development, entrepreneurship,  sustainable development, local communities, women  & Children, EasternAfrica

On this site; You’ll also find stories from my explorations as a traveler/nomad and as well book Reviews from pieces I have handpicked and once read, I found appealing.

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