BOOK: All the dead Arising.

AUTHOR:   Jamie Campbell. `


In a world where the adults are dead. Things are hard to comprehend. Everly losses her parents on the night of ‘the Event‘. The mysterious night on which all adults die, living the young to their own means. Now Everly, with her ability to see and talk to the dead, must find a way to block out the voices from the dead, in the struggle to protect herself and her nine-year-old sister Faith. She must learn to help by all means. Both the humans and the ghosts.

This book kept me on my bed. I could barely resist the urge to turn from page to page in my struggle to chew quickly what Evie would be doing next. The suspense in the book got my adrenaline rushing even after months of not opening my Kindle. I LOVED IT!

Certainly, Jamie Campbell is now a must read for me. You can get the book free on Amazon. It’s a nice read


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