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“…you can’t realize what you really are or what you are capable of if you don’t give yourself room to try.” –  Racheal Prudence N, E.D, Acting Manager – Top Micro Support Limited

Howdy, in one of the previous blogs ‘A body that goes out of its way to assist others’, we explore the impact of microloan institutions in Uganda and in particular, learn about ‘Top Micro Support Limited’ a financial institution in Mbale (Eastern Uganda), that has made it, its sole aim to impact the lives of the locals in Mbale through Micro Loans. See HERE.

Racheal Prudence

In this blog, Racheal Prudence Namakhonje the E.D, Acting Manager of this institution, (Top Micro Support Limited), shares with us her thoughts on the institution, the whys and why not, the nitty-gritty, among other interesting insights. Alright, let’s dig into it!

Q: Tell me about Racheal

Okay, Racheal is a very ambitious, hardworking lady who will be making twenty-six come to the end of 2019.  She’s a mother; Racheal is also the E.D and Acting manager of Top Micro Support Limited.

Q: Racheal, how did you know about Top Micro Support Limited?

I got to know about Top Micro-Support Right from the moment my colleague Mohammed conceived the idea.  He shared with me, and we decided to implement it.

Q: Do you think that the name is suitable for what you do? And if so, what made you agree on that particular name?

Okay, let me start from the word top. First of all, there are very many companies that are like ours, and who do the same thing that we are doing, however, they have their own goals ad intentions yet for us, we are basically aiming at the top, and through genuine assistance of our clients.  We want to be the champions of finance especially through uplifting others.

We want to let the people know that even amidst their challenges where they feel alone, we are there with them and we can elevate their financial well-being to another level. We want to be these people’s top supporters.

Q: Since you started operating in March this year, how would you rate your performance as a micro-finance institution? Would you say that you’ve lived up to what your name and company stand for?

I don’t think that we have realized our full potential yet, but we have definitely made some progress.  Our clients have really appreciated the effort and impact we have made so far, and usually, give us their testimonies.

During non-working hours, Racheal likes to tell stories, make jokes with others, and laugh.

Q: In your own words, tell me about Top Micro-Support Limited.

Top Micro-support Limited is a financial institution dealing in micro-support /offering loans to small business starters as they need a little financial push; so we help them realize their dreams. Much as Top Micro Support Ltd is a business, it’s also a humanitarian body which priorities supporting people, mini institutions and communities to improve their wellbeing especially financially, to a level where they can be able to help themselves. We are not just looking at giving and getting, we are looking at ‘how can we help or support others advance from wherever they are, to another level, however small.’

Q: As the Executive Director (E.D), what are some of the roles you perform at Top Micro-Support Limited?

Basing on the fact that we are a start-up, I am actually doing a little more than I should do because we are still in the process of making our organization structure fully established. So I’m doing managerial roles, supervisory roles, following up with clients, keeping the company’s image, and actually making sure we are operating in line with our vision.

Q: At twenty-five, you are quite young yet you are an Executive Director, Acting Manager, etc. What would you say got you to where you are? What attributes do you have as an individual that put you in your current position?

As I mentioned in the beginning, I am a very ambitious person so I always endeavor to be a better person than I am today. So I think its ambition and the fact that I like to pursue my dreams that have got me here. Also, I am the kind of person who does not segregate duties or roles. I do what I am supposed to do. I make sure I perform better than is expected of me.  

Also after Mohammed shared with me the Business idea, I thought, this is likely to be tough. But then I had courage because he believed in me and several other people believed in me. Their belief boosted my courage so here I am. I decided to try because you can’t realize what you really are or what you are capable of if you don’t give yourself room to try.


Q: At this point in time, what kind of person do you want to be? Where do you want to be?

I want to be one of those great women in this nation, and even beyond the boundaries of Uganda. I want to be an inspiration to several young girls not only in terms of financial institutions like today but also in various aspects. Professionally I am a social worker, a path I chose because of passion, so I always feel the need to go out there and speak to another person, share with them, touch their lives. I want to be the reason other people’s lives get better.

Racheal did a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Works and Social Administration at Uganda Christian University, Mbale and hopes that in 2020, she will go back to pursue her Masters.

Q: What advice do you have for people who want to be where you are?

For the ladies especially, you should know who you are and what It is that you want. You should know what your goals are and how you intend to achieve them.  Also, pray to God to intervene. Pray for courage and strength to become what you want to become.  Also note that everything has its own time so if its books, read. If its play, play. Likewise, don’t undermine any kind of work or opportunities that come your way as you never know where what you’re doing will lead you to.

In five years, Racheal envisions Top Micro-Support as a bigger institution with branches in several regions across Uganda, and to grow to a level where it can support corporate institutions. In ten years, she hopes that the institution should have upgraded to a level of a bank, as even big banks started small.

When asked how her experiences have shaped her, Racheal revealed that;  

  1. She has learned that every Institution has its policies and should be approached accordingly
  2. Challenges helped her learn to strategically position herself so that anytime she’s ready to overcome whatever challenges. (Ready for anything)
  3. She’s learned to relate with others
  4. Learned to relate with different Organisations
  5. Learned to manage herself
  6. Gained skills (professional and interpersonal)

QTN: Why should I choose Top Micro-Support Limited?

Well, our Motto is ‘OUR WAYS, WE CARE’. Therefore be assured that you and your needs will be cared for. Also in us, you’ll find a home. We are hospitable and thus listen to your problems and ideas. We don’t just lend or mislead like the reputation is for some microfinance institutions, but we guide our clients.  We are considerate to those in trouble and actively participate in case of anything.

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