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Bold with “Lunkuse”: Drip with Elegance, Wear Fashion that empowers others
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Bold with “Lunkuse”: Drip with Elegance, Wear Fashion that empowers others

  • “Without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life. It’s important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It’s the way in which we ourselves grow and develop.” – Dorothy Height.

Dear Reader,

If you are an ardent visitor of this blog, you are probably aware that our host and writer Lunkuse Betty Paulls is Quite the spirit. She has been on various escapades around East Africa where she has partnered with Non-Government Organisations, Community Development organizations, and even individuals to make stories on women and youth empowerment, community development, sustainable development, among others. Please take a minute off your time and read those incredible blogs. (here)

So yes, our writer has got us something new and it’s called ‘THE LUNKUSE LABEL’. Yes, a few months ago our writer conceived an idea of starting a label that brings African couture especially handcrafted jewelry, accessories and other apparel to this global audience. Yaaasss!!!!  Now that’s not all as we are so excited to share!

Pause for a second. Did you read the about section on this blog? I bet not. Well, not a problem really it goes like this! is an Independent website focused on publishing stories of social entrepreneurs organizations,  and communities, primarily focusing on community development, sustainable development, the environment and as well women,  children, youth empowerment in Eastern Africa. The website is meant to highlight these stories and thus create awareness and as well as publicity for emerging entrepreneurs, projects,   community-based and non- government organizations. The website is non-profit.

Our new addition to the site is the ‘Lunkuse Label’, a small online business meant to purchase and resell uniquely handcrafted products from our women interviewees at LUNKUSE.COM. These products include jewelry, artistry and other apparel, made by the people under the community-based organizations Lunkuse is partnering with. Some products are however purchased from independent makers, with an end goal of returning ten percent annual profit off this small business, to the community for development projects based on the theme of that particular year. Unlike the website which was launched earlier in 2018, the Lunkuse Label is a new enterprise recently registered in November 2018.”

Our founder having a time of her life, blessing us with that joyful look:


Yes! Now you know what we are about already but hey, let’s take a few questions and answers from the founder herself.

  1. What is this new Brand ‘LUNKUSE’ about?

She says,

“Over the months I have published a few articles on women, I have learned that we have a lot of creative abilities yet they are nowhere on the global scene. I have been able to meet incredibly talented women who have incredible work and yet, they earn so little. Guess what? I have been part of this too. Then I knew that something had to change.

Let me take you through.

The Lunkuse Label is an on and offline business selling and delivering handcrafted African jewelry, accessories, clothes, shoes, other crafts,  and products to esteemed customers around the world. The customers would purchase the product on various social media shops on platforms including our Official Website (yet to be published), Facebook Page, Instagram, and as well other online shops as we shall inform you. Or, contact us via contact form  HERE for more inquiry and local orders in Uganda.

The products include Cloths, shoes, African prints, jewelry, bags (backpacks and handbags), and as well other accessories with an Afro-centric touch.

Our Founder @Lunkuse taking a selfie, wearing that Lunkuse T-Shirt! Smiling in the back is Loise Machira, founder @TiziTalks Kenya

WHAT WE DO @TheLunkuseFoundation.

  • We are Selling, Delivering and shipping unique African couture to our customers across the globe.
  • We are empowering creative women by purchasing & bringing their handcrafted products to the Global market.
  • We are partnering with Non-Government Organisations to empower women and youth in the creative sectors.
  • We work with women who are set to make a difference in their lives by introducing and selling their products to the global market. We also publish their success stories on our founder’s professional writing website;
  • We contribute to an eco-friendly atmosphere and as well sustainable development virtues by making re-usable products. Some of our products like the incredible cone-shaped necklace are for example made out of paper, and other products are out of plastic that was otherwise dumped in the environment.

And, that’s not all. We have partners, but before we get to that, let me elaborate more.


Lunkuse is for the few Bold, Authentic and High-Level Individuals who cherish Elegance, uniqueness, beauty, art, and style in African Couture and thus confidently express sassiness, class, and glamour in their look.

These individuals also have an enthusiasm to give back to courses in community development, women and youth empowerment, & eco-friendly/sustainable development as this is the party where Lunkuse gets her products from the community.

At Lunkuse, we are Original & uniquely clad in Handcrafted African Finesse made by the Incredible Women in Different countries across of Africa, in our very local communities.

“Lunkuse” – Boldly Rock your world in African Couture and Drip with Elegance. Wear fashion that empowers others – It’s what we do.


Lunkuse partners with Individuals and as well Non-Government Organisations that work with women to ensure their development and empowerment. These are the women that handcraft our products. As a way to give back to the community, Lunkuse not only supports these women by purchasing their products and bringing them to you but also gives back ten percent of our annual earnings to the community for a development course, depending on the particular year’s theme. This year so far, we are partnering with Sanyu Foundation Uganda, an NGO based in Rakai Uganda (read about Sanyu Here), and we are pleased to inform you that our products are already on our platforms for sale!


In order to have a much larger understanding at what we are doing, kindly visit our social media platforms below and like, share, follow, and activate notifications so you don’t miss out!

IG, @ theLunkusefdtn 

FACEBOOK: @TheNkuseFdtn

Yes, and now that you have read this, feel free to become a contributor, or get in touch to let us know about how you would like to support, partner with us or even contribute positively to the community. Cheers!

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