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The Ruffle  

The Ruffle is an African stage-play in a play.
A woman traveler enters a post-colonial modern arena to narrate an anti-tyranny tale based in a pre-colonial setting.

‘When Mute is tired of his father’s tyrannical political system, he initiates a coup d’etat to overthrow him. Only Mute is in love with a belle and a conflict arises when the Chief’s legitimate son, Mute’s step-brother obsesses over the same girl. Will Mute give up on the coup and the love of his life, to let his tyrant father and stepbrother run the village?






The Voice of Calpyso 

The Voice of Calypso is an Anthology created and compiled by Ugandan poet, playwright, novelist, and blogger Betty.S.Lunkuse.The collection comprises of what she calls ‘Her Child Brain’ poetry, pieces she wrote between age fourteen and sixteen.










Her One Night Fling

Jean Louis
↑ Wants her. She wants him all the same. Except – she is his senior and at this one campus, no female senior stoops so low to date a junior. It’s a rule only the males are allowed to break; as for the females, no. Nop. Nop! Don’t even think about it.

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Her Nocturnal Lover

When 25-year-old Linda Hemsway decides to come out of her longtime mourning and solitude, she finds herself in an encounter with the daring Bill Mayan a mysterious billionaire. The Hot stranger she’s seen in a club twice. He won’t change it, and he won’t let her be. Linda is in love with a mystery man and her life is in danger!

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