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Ever heard of the term Sustainable Development and how the world, through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) decided to come together to keep the world profitable and meet the needs not only to the present but also future generations?

Well, when it comes to that, Rwanda, a country in Eastern Africa, took it to another adorable level by not allowing plastics into the country.

First, at the border, I remember having my items checked thoroughly, including those of other passengers. We used the modern coast bus, and the bus was also checked. All plastic bags were left at the border. That’s a shocking move one as the emphasis is placed on plastics in particular while on other borders, they don’t mind your plastics but maybe weapons, drugs among other things. I had a small red plastic bag in which I often kept my passport and yellow fever card. I had got this plastic from Ghana and had flown around the world with it right from Ghana itself, through Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and even the Maldives. My bag had survived all those until I reached the Rwandan border. That’s where I last saw it ha-ha.

Another thing that shocked me about Rwanda is the issue of ‘Bread and Sugar’. Unlike in my country Uganda where almost everything from sugar, bread, tea leaves, maize floor, among other products is packaged in polythene or rather plastic bags for especially individual customers, which is not the case in Rwanda.

I was personally shocked to have sugar, tea leaves, and even bread, delivered home in Rwanda – Gisenyi, well packaged in paper bags. See pictures below!

Bread. sugar and tea

Rwanda Tea



That’s an amusing conscious effort for a nation to get rid of the plastics. Like you may probably already know, the country is really clean. You won’t find garbage, or plastics littered anywhere. See some of the pictures of Rwanda below!

A street in Gisenyi -Rwanda

Standing by Lake Kivu in Gisenyi – Rwanda

Gisenyi Beach

Bread and PaperBag

A cabbage Garden in Rwanda

Cabbage Garden and terraces

A street in Gisenyi

A crater lake in the land of 1000 Hills. Rwanda

My only concern though is that while we are getting rid of plastics, we are cutting down our trees to make papers. Hopefully, enough efforts are being made to ensure re-afforestation occurs.  But at least, Rwanda’s national effort to ensure sustainability by getting rid of plastics is amusing and I think that if only other East Africans weren’t so obsessed about opposing their governments in all their efforts to make a difference in various sectors, it would be nice if we together could come to an agreement about getting rid of plastics especially plastic bags! As far as I am concerned, the plastics should be banned as they are doing more harm than good.

(See Image of plastic in Kibera Kenya)

Plastic waste in Katokera-Kibera Nairobi

Plastics are not only endangering the environment in regards to soil pollution where once they are buried into the soil they hinder water circulation, cause air pollution once burnt as releasing dangerous gasses into the atmosphere which is problematic to human respiration, but are also ruining the beauty or rather appearance on our cities, towns, and villages where plastics are littered all-over roads. See this picture of author burning waste in Uganda below!

Burning plastic waste and leaves in Kampala Uganda


Let’s make a conscious effort to get rid of plastics, avoid litter in our communities and also keep the universe plastic free. By so doing, we are not only doing ourselves a good service, but also the future generations.

Think of;


And; The Triple Crisis where the focus is on:

1st Conviction = (Social-political Crisis + Economic Crisis + Ecological Crisis)

2nd Conviction = (Ecological Crisis can be harnessed to solve all the three crises)

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Remember, be sustainable and stay healthy!

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