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“Business is All about Timing.” – Mutebi Immaculate ‘Mother of Actors’ on Mushroom Growing, Tailoring and Acting in Kampala
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“Business is All about Timing.” – Mutebi Immaculate ‘Mother of Actors’ on Mushroom Growing, Tailoring and Acting in Kampala

Mutebi Immaculate is an IT engineer, secretary, and computer wizard who does not practice in all that. She’s also a professional hairdresser and tailor. And yet, the 42-year-old chose to venture into mushroom growing, and she’s been reaping benefits ever since. On a good day, Immaculate says she harvests about 20kgs of mushroom, sells about 18.6kgs, eats 1kg, and uses the rest to advertise. One kilogram of mushroom costs 5000 Ugandan shillings. For Ugandan standards, a mushroom grower can earn about 100,000 Ug shillings per day. That’s a good deal.


“I read on Google the medicinal ingredients in mushroom, health benefits of eating mushroom and the ease of growing them.

Those days I was sickly and I always passed my time on Google but after reading about them I knew I had found my medication and I knew I wasn’t alone so I prayed to God to strengthen me so that I start because for space to execute, I had enough.”  – Immaculate says this is what inspired her to venture into mushroom business.

When did you start?

I first tried it in 2018 late but it failed after I became weak again and where I had grown them (a type of shelter) wasn’t conducive so this tampered with their yields and lifetime. I called it off and I’ve resumed in the lockdown 2020 April, partly because I am a bit strong now.

To the youngsters, Immaculate says;

  • Business is all about timing.
  • No business is bad. Create a market for whatever stage it reaches.
  • Don’t fail to start because of your surroundings; stretch out of your locality, the opportunity is everywhere.
  • For those who would want to venture into mushroom, it’s easy to grow. It doesn’t require much land and the Market is available just open up you will get connections. Also, Mushroom is not a sit at home business. Anybody can do it as long as you manage your time well.
‘Mother of Actors’

Immaculate is a mother of three and is married to a lovely husband.  Together they stay in Kampala, Kawempe, East Nsooba cell and that’s where her mushroom project is. She enjoys acting which she does with all her children (Also why she goes by the pseudonym ‘mother of actors’). “We help one another master our dialogues and I pass most of my time on my sewing machine making my own dresses. I hate wearing those distributed clothes because they look like a uniform around town.” Immaculate concludes.

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