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It’s Happening Now; You’re Invited!



Edigobe: A Luganda word that means a delicious meal.

Busongora Kingdom: A kingdom in the Western Region of Uganda whose people are believed to be descents of the Chwezi Dynasty.

Community Development: A process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems.”[1] It is a broad concept, applied to the practices of civic leaders, activists, involved citizens, and professionals to improve various aspects of communities, typically aiming to build stronger and more resilient local communities. (United Nations Definition) see WIKI reference here!

This month on November 23rd, 2019 (today!), the Kingdom of Busongora, The Rotary Club of Ggaba and Munyonyo, together with Green Valley Hotel Ggaba have partnered to make the Edigobe food Festival Happen once again. It’s an on-going annual festival, whose motive is to allow you to taste meals from all regions of Uganda and in the near future, from all-over Eastern Africa, and even Africa at large.  The point is that you come and have an experience. Feast; party, have fun at this Food Festival. Eat, have good company, watch, make memories, be entertained. And that’s not all. Watch other Video HERE.

From the proceeds, an effort has been made by the partnering parties to impact community development and the wellbeing of locals in the slums of Ggaba. So this is not about just full stomachs, experimentation with food, and feasting. It is also about Value and community development. Watch Video HERE.

You spend your money, and you know where it is going to go at. Community development, people’s well-being because if we don’t care; then who will? It’s us to start moving, show the younger generations what to do. Which is why you should come.

This blog is, therefore, a call to each one of you dear readers, for as long as you are in Uganda, on 23rd November 2019 (today), Green Valley Hotel Ggabba is the place to be.  Come and have a taste of all your favorite local dishes. Your 50k will cover all that. Come have food in a pot and a drink from a calabash. Shall you have to do so only when you find yourself in the Elgon Mountains of Mbale tasting Malwa? Wait not. We’ve brought it closer to you, an awesome experience, at a convenient price.

Ciao ciao … I Can’t wait to see and interact with you there.



If interested in being a volunteer at #thelunkuseFoundation, in partnerships, or even writing for (note; only on matters concerning community development); please do not hesitate to reach out via this FORM. CHEERS!

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