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If you are familiar with Uganda, you’re most probably aware of  ‘the land tenancy policy’,  where people buy land from landowners. Which is only theirs since they have the land titles, but until they acquire the Kyapa / Chaapa, which must be a most legal land title indicating that the land is forever yours and your ancestors, can then be permanently ours. Meaning; you acquire this land ownership as a small plot owner, first with this mini land title, then later the Chaapa. You can also get the chaapa right away if you’re not playing down low on cash.

You’ll realize that most people, plot owners, would still spend money on

  • Vegetables,
  • Fruits
  • Buying all sorts of meat chicken and beef inclusive, among others.

Let’s take a case study!

My mother is a passionate woman who throughout my life, I have seen working hard, enterprising, and making great things happen on a small piece of land

My mother’s place is a 100 by 60-foot plot of land on which the activities carried on will surprise you. Obviously, most people have the excuse that because they do not own thousands of hectares of land, they cannot do any small / subsistence farming and because of this, we have resulted into high expenses that would otherwise be avoidable.

In short, a person has extra feet of land at their home but they barely know what to do with it. Let me take you through a few ways in which my mother has managed to utilize her small piece of land to practice small-scale farming, run a shop at home, practice tailoring, and have a house on the same plot, have a compound, and narrowed down expenses! Yes! Here is what you can do to maximize activities on your small plot of land.

  1. Set up a small size/ comfortable aviary(A Bird’s house i.e chicken) on the side. Make it two or three stories!
  2. Plant a tree in the middle of your compound.

Not just any tree, a strong fruit tree. It could be avocado, jackfruit, mango, not sure what else but yes. It will provide shade, is a windbreaker, give you some leaves for manure, and eventually, fruits. Also be strategic about how you plant it!

  1. Grow vegetables.

Depending on the varying seasons, we plant maize, cabbages, dodo, Schumer wick, nakati, buga, (These are vegetables whose names I barely know in the English language), a couple of banana plants, binyanya  fruit plant, among others and on some seasons, that section is empty, warming up for the next season! (We eat these after harvest and succumb to buying vegetables when we need it on large scale.

  1. Raise / Keep an animal.

Yes, one animal won’t kill you. My mom keeps a calf named Suubi (English translation is Hope). Suubi eats our banana, sweet potatoes, and Irish potato peelings. She not only eats ours but also our neighbors’. She also eats extras from fruits, the plantations, and all this while, she is tied up on our avocado tree, in our home compound. See? It doesn’t cost much to be a farmer, care about your environment, narrow down your expenses, be organic, and live happily! When suubi is old enough, she will give us milk, birth other cattle, and so on and so forth!

  1. Build a small shop.

Yes. The list of things you can do is endless. The list of the things you can do on your small plot of land is endless. I just introduced you to how my mother does it so you don’t have to struggle for ideas.

That way, you won’t spend money on something you would otherwise have at your home! You live sustainably, support plant life, cut down food expenses, and make life worthwhile.

Hopefully, this will help you somehow. Cheers! Please add any other ideas you of how to maximize a small piece of land in the comment section below!


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