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Kibera Women Series; Millicent Narrates
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Kibera Women Series; Millicent Narrates

Kibera Women Series



Madam Millicent, who I like to call ‘Millicent the big un’, is a 38-year-old mother of four. Her children are of ages 18, 16, 10, and the last one is 2years and three months old.

She points out the main challenges faces being;

  • Poor Environment
  • Poor Sanitation
  • She reveals confidently that the sanitation in the Kibera environment could lead to disease outbreaks especially cholera.

When I pointed out the concern of the railway trails, Millicent mentioned that the government should find a way to keep this place clean by all means.

In her own words to the women, Millicent says

“I would like to encourage the women to start with whatever little they have without feeling discouraged; be it selling bananas or maize because with whatever little you have, you can make an income that will improve your life.’



I do not know whether these ladies are telling me this because they truly think so, or because they think it’s the answer I expect to hear much as I have learned from my interaction that these women are not ignorant; the circumstances are just too overwhelming for them that they cannot handle them as individuals but once there is a bigger force and voice, it’s clear to me that they would be more than willing to make this place better.)



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