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“Know Your Worth!” – Auma E. Annmary; on Fashion & Design, Charity, and Pursuing Dreams
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“Know Your Worth!” – Auma E. Annmary; on Fashion & Design, Charity, and Pursuing Dreams

Dear reader, thanks for visiting the ‘Lunkuse Initiative Platform’ again; where entrepreneurs and friends come to get inspired.  Here on, you’ll find amazing stories on entrepreneurship & community/sustainable development from our star entrepreneurebels; the men , women, youths and Community Based Organisations that are committed to have their businesses, initiatives, lives, call it what you may become top-notch, especially in the face of adversity.

Today’s star is the Ugandan model and ambassador & face to Gobs Foundation, Auma Edrin Annmary. Ann comes from a family of six, and she’s the second born. She grew up from Nsambya and attended Buganda Road primary school, attended O’Level from Nakasongola Army, and later St. Julians’ School Gayaza before joining YMCA for her diploma in Fashion and Design. Since then, Ann has been doing modeling and is also into charity.

Gobs Foundation, on the other hand, is an alias for Go Back to School; a body that helps orphans and underprivileged children acquire sponsorships to cater to tuition (school fees), and other scholastics. The organization has also built a school ‘Hope of Joy’ in Buikwe District Uganda. Ann joined the organization as a volunteer through its founder and president Mr. …… , also a good friend and Old Boy of hers, who had happened to noticed her love for children.

Some of Gobs Foundation’s Objectives include;

  • To make sure every child has access to education despite the background
  • To make sure everyone has access to clean water especially the underprivileged, orphans, local people, and single parents but most importantly, to create an environment full of love and hope, opportunities and dreams are to those kids.
  • To broaden and widen people’s knowledge about fashion modeling and end the negative ideas about the industry (one of the contributing factors to Ann’s ambassadorial role)

The twenty-two-year-old envisions that ten years from now, the organization will have grown bigger in numbers of those whose lives it imparts, will have occupied a larger physical space, and will be on a better financial spectrum than it is now. On interacting with Ann, shares with us a few things about her that we deem are going to be insightful as you continue with this read. Enjoy!

Ann, what drives you in life, what are you really passionate about?

 Growing up from a poor family; seeing my mother every day challenges me to do greater things. I want to make her proud. I think about the sacrifices she made as a single mother. I want to make her proud. So, this is what drives me every day, plus seeing these children under the GOBs foundation, as I want to extend help to them.

I’m passionate about reading books, learning, I have this desire to learn more things every day, which really fuels me and ten years from now, I see myself somewhere with a big charity foundation worldwide and being a great woman generally.

What are some of the challenges you have faced as the ambassador of GOBS foundation?

The challenges are quite few, but of course the major one has been getting sponsors. It’s not easy convincing them. They want you to take children, they want you to show evidence, to be on the ground, taking pictures, and generally being involved in as much activity as possible.  The fundraising is not easy. So I’ve ended up having to do things personally; doing the dams, building the schools. It’s not easy because we are also struggling, yet we have to sponsor ourselves and others even though, accomplishing that yield such a great feeling.

The other challenge comes with traveling to these deep villages, which we have to do pretty often. It’s pretty tiresome being in one place today, and tomorrow in an even deeper place.

Also, sometimes it gets too personal. You may run out of tools, materials, or even food, yet you see others struggling. So you have to go the extra mile to help them. It gets really too personal sometimes.

What lessons have these experiences taught you?  

I’ve learned to share the little I have, I have learned to work with people, to be social, I’ve learned public speaking as I can stand in public and speak out my mind, which I couldn’t do before because I’m shy.

I have also come to understand that I’m not the only one going through hard things. Sometimes I talk to these children and they’ve have been through a lot even at such a young age. These experiences teach me a lot and broaden my mind. I also talk to older women, grownups, single mothers, we discuss the challenges they have been faced with, how they overcame, and all this has taught me a lot.

Ann, modeling

And, have you been able to gather some achievements from all this?

I have been able to contribute to the transformation of some people I have interacted with, and this has given them hope. Even knowing that my efforts are somewhat the reason why these little ones are having an education, that they receive love from me and my team, contributing to establishing water supply systems in these communities, are all achievements and this makes me really proud. Of me, of my team, and really, it’s all God.

Ann, I’m sure a lot of young women look up to you. What word of advice do you have for them?

Personally, I get many young girls coming to my inbox via Facebook and Instagram, asking me ‘how have you made it?’ and most of them really think its overnight. It’s not. It is hard work, patience, and God. All my life, it’s been, God. I pray and you know? Know your worth. Because someone will say they have to sleep with you, so you get something from them. Are you worth sex?  Are you worth whatever the offer is? I’ve been there, I’ve been through all that, and people have told me I’m not good enough. Someone has offered me a job and asked me to do other things first. So learn to say no and also, learn to get encouragement from situations people think would put you down. Work hard, it pays. Don’t take shortcuts; life is a step by step kind of procedure. You’ll get there. We are all not where we want to be; we are still working. You learn to take steps like a child. Start crawling, learn how to walk, you know? Like that. There are ladders in life and if you skip any, in the end, it will haunt you.

Away from the charity, Ann does fashion and design, owns a boutique in Wandegeya where she deals in women’s clothes, and does tailoring as a fashion designer (custom made). Ann also does ushering and modeling, acting.

For fun, Ann listens to music, dances (claims she’s not that good ha-ha!), she loves to read novels which she says help her boost her acting skills, loves traveling, creating ideas, writing, illustrations, and counseling (talking to people caught up situations and assuring them it’s going to be well.)

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