‘Love is Power or Something Like That‘ is an A. Igoni Barrett short story collection that will leave you grinning and nodding at its phenomena.

The book is a collection of nine stories that I have to admit are some of the best narratives I have personally come across. You should read it!
These nine stories are under the titles

1. The worst thing that happened

  • This one made me cry but I could highly relate.

2.Dream Chaser

  • Got Dumbfounded when I was reading this. I guess the world just has too much scam going around.

3. The shape full Circle

  • Lots of crying, awe, and a self-reminder that I am not the first one to face any challenges at all. There is a real hustle out there.

4. Love is Power or something like that.

  • Interesting. Again, I am dumbfounded. Though reminds me more of our first reads as Freshmen in the Bridge Program (Ashesi.)

5. My smelling mouth Problem

  • I am in love with this character. It’s serious, but he is a comedian.

6. Trophy

  • I am questioning love and loyalty and friendships. I develop minor crushes on a character.

7.The Little Girl with Budding Breasts and a Bubblegum Laugh

  • Draws me back to some events in my past. Reminds me a lot of my teenage. Love is an open road.

8.Godspeed and Perpetua

  • I am thrilled by the events. I am thinking I met Godspeed in the past and I respect his hustle and the man he is. But why such an ending? Why so much suspense? Has life ever been fair? At some point, I could bet that if Mr. Farasin and Perpetua won this, i was dropping some of my ways.

9. A Nairobi story of Comings and Goings

  • This is so real. I can relate to it. I am thinking about my experience in Nairobi, my interactions with Kenyans, and I am in love with the author! Leo reminds me of a girl I met Zanzibar. But hey, I am not here to discuss me. Just read the book. You’re gonna love it!

I would have loved to give a bigger review of each of these chapters but I feel that I would not be able to put their bittersweetness in the proper words and you reading this blog, would miss out on the passion and unique intonation of this talented writer.
But Barret took me to Nigeria, reminded me of Ghana and even Nairobi.

In particularly ‘My Smelling Mouth Problem’, I couldn’t get the character of Emmanuella’s Uncle (Mark Angel – in the Mark Angel Comedy) out of my head. It is especially to do with how this man with halitosis narrates the events and you even see what is happening inside his head. You share with him this inferiority and timidity that wears him each time he has to open his mouth and say something. Hahaha. It is hilarious. The feel and descriptions of BRT Buses and how in my head were the epitomai of the current Kenyan Matatus. This book is incredible.

Its a whirlwind of emotions and realities. Tales of a mother who killed five dogs and her husband passed on two days later, tales of policemen changing in front of their wives each time they wore their uniforms. Stories of men driven by a sexual energy so bad they share contacts of their mistresses, of young dream chasers trying to earn a living from cyberspace.and so much more. Some leaves will make you cry while other will make you laugh at yourself but what you won’t be able to avoid is the incredible wave of feelings, thoughts, and imagination that this book will engulf you with.


All the time I kept relating these chapters to my current book project and wondering if the author ever felt that his words were so real, or so weird, or he would ever imagine what his readers would experience. and it kept me hoping. That my readers would one time get to feel at least a similar and even better wave of emotions and excitement that this book has given me!

Confession; For some intangible reason Reading this book made me want to probably have a fling with a writer! . (Am I the only one with such wild desires?) Ding Dong! He is Not a Fairy. Check out his Bio!


Meet the Author! A. Igoni Barret.

I hope you read this Book!! You’ll Love it & every chapter will be your favorite!

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