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Meet Artists & Survivors of HumanTrafficking, making a Film to address vice!
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Meet Artists & Survivors of HumanTrafficking, making a Film to address vice!

Gracie Genevieve is with us on the cause against Human trafficking and modern slavery

Asiya The Last Queen

In Uganda, it is not uncommon that on TV and Radio stations, we see and hear agencies advertising and promising people descent jobs abroad, especially to the Middle East. These jobs are not just advertised as odd, but these companies promise Ugandans salaries extravaganza, that even high-end Ugandan nationals barely earn. It all looks appealing at a distance, and they even assure their soon-to-be recruits that there is no need to worry about visas, insurance or air tickets. When one interacts with a few human trafficking victims, however, one learns that there is nothing for free. These recruits still pay a lot of money, some of them having to sell a few properties such as land or cattle, hoping that they would be able to recover what’s sold now two or three months into their newly promised job in the Middle East. What happens, however, is that the recruits once in the countries of their new employers, soon discover that their new job descriptions are equivalent to being a slave.

Producer Claire Nampala is with us on this cause.

Whilst it’s true that not all people who are employed in the middle east have been trafficked there, it is true that nearly all of them are what we refer to as victims of modern slavery. Which gets me to the point, #AsiyaThe LastQueen. A few Ugandan Artists and Victims of Human Trafficking and modern slavery are working together to make a film on human trafficking, a true post-trauma story of a girl who worked in the middle east. This story has been written by victims of human trafficking, who are also creatives. These are young people who like several others had dreams, to be winners, to be wealthy, to be Queens and Kings, yet somehow found themselves trying to beat the odds, or going another way for jobs in the middle east, for promise of more monetary gain, pushed by rough backgrounds, and hoping that with money, every other dream could eventually be realized.

Check out the progress of Asiya The Last Queen Film on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | YOUTUBE

Some of the #AsiyaTheLastQueen Team with BinaBaibe for an interview at DembeFm

Set in Uganda, #AsiyaTheLastQueen is a story of more than forty million people across the world whilst sex trafficking is one of the world’s fastest-growing criminal industries… Watch Asiya The Last Queen Teaser HERE.

For over a month now, we (AsiyaTeam) have managed to run a fan casting, where several people have nominated others their would-like-to-see-act or feature in the film. We have also been running campaigns where people have donated to the cause, shared the progress on their social media platforms, and bought #AsiyatheLastQueen T-shirts and caps. Several young people have joined us to support the cause against human trafficking, and you too can. How?

Edith has supported the cause by donating and engaging with the project
asiya the last queen 
Wilbroad K Mandy. a mental wellness advocate, smartly clad in his #AsiyaTheLastQueen T-shirt. Wilbroad is a firm believer in the need to address post-trauma among victims of human trafficking. You too can purchase your t-shirt or cap now.

Here are other ways you can partner or support our project.

Drop an email suggesting how you’d like to partner with us, or what you like to bring on the table at or to production manager via

Taata Nyunyu says no to human trafficking

Funding. – You are welcome to help us make this film happen by supporting us the monetary way via mobile money on numbers as shown on this poster, or if you’d prefer a much more official bank transaction, you can reach me on this number (+256702292884) or | Sarah Nakitende – +256757095159 to get full details.

Mwende too says no to Human Trafficking

Sharing. – No man is an island, and I would be doomed if I lied that I and a small team can make it on our own.  We need you to share this project, especially if you support the cause against Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. Remember, this is not an issue to which only the ignorant have fallen, a victim. Everyone is a potential target and victim of human trafficking. Well-meaning people have seen glitters, thought it was gold, fallen prey! So share the word to your networks, social media, everywhere, spark conversations about it.


Are you a company in Uganda (even abroad) that can do something about this cause? Come through! You may support the crew with transportation during the shooting, meals, drinks, credit, the opportunity to be hosted on your radio, blog, newspaper, podcast, magazine, event or TV station, etc. There are so many ways I may not mention it. But you know-how-to, and we are looking forward to your support and indulgence! come through!

Screening. Yes, Screening.  We are open to partnerships with people we can work with to have our film screening in their countries, schools, organizations, companies.  We want to bring our film to screen in your country, with your people, we want it for all. Think you can help? Contact me directly here contact@admin It doesn’t matter where you are, just reach out, ) Thank you! –

Posters! Yes, You can feature on our posters, doesn’t matter where you are. Just share with me your headshot or other portrait picture here on my whatsapp (+256702292884), and make sure that you share the poster with your people. While you spread the word and use hashtag. #AsiyatheLastQueen #asiyathelastqueen2020 #EndHumanTrafficking #EndchildtraffickingUg  #AsiyaFilm2020 #filmonhumantrafficking #filmonmodernslavery

Also, note that human trafficking is not a new vice in Uganda or elsewhere. There is a community on Facebook dedicated to fighting the vice among children, see EndChildTraffickingUg, see the page HERE.

Journalists such as Gabriel Buule and Canary Mugume have run interviews, research, and even published documentaries on Child/HumanTrafficking in Uganda. In February 2019, two blogs related to Human trafficking were published on this blog. Check them out One and two and Read this blog by Daily Monitor HERE


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