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Meet Ugandan and American Innovators Collaborating to Craft Clean Food Dryers.
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Meet Ugandan and American Innovators Collaborating to Craft Clean Food Dryers.

In 2017/18, a group of young Ugandans then at University, came up with an idea of starting what is now known as the ‘Sparky Thermal  Dehydrator’, as a way of minimizing post-harvest losses among farmers and families in Uganda. Little did they know then that the innovation would lead them to the now ‘Sparky Social Enterprise’, collaborations, partnerships, grants, and above all; a front seat on the innovation face both nationally and Internationally. See HERE.

Sparky’s Story

“Growing up in the northern part of Uganda that experienced a two-decade civil war, we experienced firsthand the realities of food insecurity. Local communities struggle to grow food, but half of the little they harvest is lost due to poor handling and preservation means. These experiences inspired us to create Sparky, a multi-disciplinary team of young innovators, engineers, entrepreneurs and biologists from three different Universities to not only solve the problem for the Uganda community but also for Africa and other regions like Asia and South America also in the same dilemma. We seek to build networks to support us as we take the innovation to the communities and directly impact the lives of over 1billion and contribute to feeding 9BX2050.

Sparky’s mission is to turn post-harvest losses into profits for farmers in Africa, whilst their vision is to be the leading manufacturer and distributor of affordable food waste solutions and smart Climate Agriculture in Africa.

On 23rd November 2019, Sparky  Social Enterprise organized a workshop, where they hosted students from Iowa State University; and in the discussion was the Sparky Dryer what it is, what it does, among others. In attendance were also the Kinosol Dryer Innovators.

About Kinosol

Some of the Kinosol Team Image Source (

Other Pictures from the event

(Lunkuse) Presenting after mini-group sessions.
Sub Group Sessions
Writer posing with sparky and Kinosol Dryers.

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