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Hello Reader,

How have you been? One thing I am guilty of for sure is that I missed out on last week’s schedule. There was nothing up for Wednesday, not even Friday. But those of you on Instagram and Facebook probably know that I was in Kisoro, one of Uganda’s coldest districts. It’s all concerning community development projects; so to fill you in, I have broken down my experience into a couple of stories. The first one is below, the second one is to publish soon. Cheers!


Somewhere in Kabale

First, it’s 26th February 2019  and I just confirmed my trip to Kisoro with my agent Kora, and my new mini-contractor Qris.

Then, its 27th of the same month, midnight, and I am sitting in a motel somewhere in the cente of Kabale, with my laptop open and writing this. I am sure you want to know how I got here. I will tell you how but first, go back and read paragraph one.

Ha-ha! I’ve got you. I am excited, this is one gig that came about when I expected nothing, and somehow, this all feels like it was God’s divine favour.

It all begins when I leave my home at reach at the Trinity Bus station in the center of Kampala, excited that I would be on my bus to Kabale in less than an hour, only to be informed that I would have to wait for the five pm bus. That’s a little disappointing but I’ll wait. How; by sitting in a corner silently and converting a few audio interviews to text, then I will email a few clients, and then I will have a good local meal. A solid lunch I barely have as one of these days, I am ever on the move, or munching a Rolex in the corner of my bedroom.

Read About me & why I do what I do HERE

Who am I? Well, nothing scary. I am just a Ugandan girl who decided to tap into her creative abilities by choosing writing. About six months ago, this Ugandan girl decided to start writing professionally, but in a way that would add value to the communities she resides. With mentorship from a Congolese journalist Baron Nkoy, the girl chose the fields of community and sustainable development. Later, she would add entrepreneurship and social sectors to her website. Now that was good. The community development section is what got her to Kabale. Now you know how she ended up on this mission. I will tell you more!


  • In a bus to Kabale. The man sitting next to me is really lively. Normally, I am aloof, sitting in one place and pretending like there is no one else in the room. That’s not today though. Somehow, I feel it within me that I can have a conversation with a person next to me. First, I am not pouring my heart to it, I am just trying to be a nice human, listening and contributing a little bit. Two hours later, I am in so deep, discussing topics ranging from Refugees and the United Nations, Modern Enslavement of Africans in the middle east, mistreatment of Africans in Dubai, the advantages of being multilingual, why people date who they date, and so on and so forth. Long interesting conversations huh? But this also did not start until I had switched off my phone and I know for sure that if I had continued engaging actively online while Qris waited for me in Kabale, the battery would have died half way through the journey, I would never have bonded well with the person next to me, and, I would have failed to locate the person waiting on me at the semi-final destination.

But lucky for me, the phone was off, communication was good, and all intentions shared ahead of time, my sit mate was a great narrator and the popcorn that I chewed on all the way from Mbarara to Kabale was priceless.  And at my destination, my new partner in crime was waiting for me in the cold of this lonesome night. What more could I ask for really? So yes, we get to my motel and Qris Prints briefs me about how the next day’s program would run.  Then shortly, he walks out of the room, promising that he would be with me the next morning. Wait on; I will be sharing with you what happens later soon!

Clad in that Qris Prints Jacket

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