New Friends.

I made new friends at the Soweto – KIBRA Resource Centre where I was working with the Kenyan ministry of health to mobilize and sensitize the people in Nairobi about polio, while also getting ready to immunize the children age five and below.

Soweto is a tough slum. I found these kids and they came excitedly to play with me. The challenge is I was afraid of speaking broken Kiswahili much as they were afraid of broken English ha-ha.

So I decided to make it a picture moment 😋😂😂.

Junior, Daddy, Dickson Mwenduwa, Brian & Kelvin Makau Peter. In that order. 😂😂 From left to right.

Lovely kids… They made noise all morning 😂😂😂 Brian( little boy in pink) has a terrible cough.

Yes, for some reason children are the first friends I make wherever I go to.

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