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The Voice of Sanyu – On Engaging Locals in Community Development, Girl Child Education & Health.
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The Voice of Sanyu – On Engaging Locals in Community Development, Girl Child Education & Health.

“For any further positive changes to take place, local communities must be involved and directly participate in poverty alleviation and as well, development programs tailored to their unique needs.”  –  Sanyu Foundation Uganda.


Pausing for pictures at Sanyu

Sanyu Foundation Uganda Advocates for the Girl Child Education.

Eight months ago, I was invited by Sanyu Foundation Uganda staff to their premises in Rakai Uganda, where I witnessed the organization build a school and that’s not all. I am only revealing the menu because guess what! The women, who are parents and as well, mothers for the children or rather scholars benefiting from the Sanyu Foundation Scholarships were cleaning the compound, fetching water, preparing meals for everyone that was on the construction premises! This was even before the new school had been opened because traditionally, Sanyu Foundation educates their children from various top Schools around  Rakai and Masaka Districts. All this, these parents did voluntarily! Now, where else do you find that? A body that has locals, in this case, parents, contributing to the well being of their village, children, and future and not by encouraging their children to study, but by having hands-on the projects like the school, where men were fetching water, carrying the sand, among other activities.

One of the houses Sanyu built for a Certain Naloongo in Rakai.

Almost a year later, I can now finally reveal and testify to you what this powerful yet humble body is doing to ensure that there is development in the community by taking children not only girls but also boys to school, building brand new houses for single mothers, the elderly, and people with disabilities in the Rakai Community, immunizing children, providing scholastics, offering surgeries to children in the community, among others. Alright, let us get into it.

The author taking a selfie with some of the happy faces at Sanyu Foundation Uganda, on her first visit at the premises


Sanyu Foundation Uganda is a Community Based/Non-Government Organisation focused on improving the lives of people in the local community of Rakai.

One of the visitors interacting with children

The body also aims at creating awareness and activism amongst local communities regarding adverse social problems thus empowering them with knowledge and skills of carrying out and sustaining income generating activities.  Sanyu aspires to prevent diseases, mobilize the Rakai Community, as well as enhancing their active participation in planning, implementation, and monitoring of their development programs.

A child at one of our homes

Another Child, also a beneficiary at Sanyu Foundation Uganda

Photo Shot during Discussion on the building of a new house for this household

Some of the beneficiaries at Sanyu

A happy baby during one of the Sanyu Foundation community engagements

Organizational Overview

Sanyu Foundation is a non-profit community based organisation which is a brainchild of a group of professionals comprising of health workers, education professionals, social workers and humanitarians; who were concerned about the poor health conditions, absolute poverty, poor education services and the impacts of adverse effects of climate change on poor local communities found in rural districts of Uganda. Since 2005, Sanyu has worked with the locals to find solutions to local problems and to achieve self-sustainability on their own terms.
This is in line with Millennium development goals (MDGs) which includes eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, reduce child mortality rates, universal access to basic education, recognition of the importance of human health, protection, and gender equality.

Community Engagement at Sanyu Foundation Uganda

The Foundation is concerned with the low levels of community participation in development processes thus seeking to provide a platform through which members of the community can find solutions to their unique problems. It is the first of its kind given the fact that there is no other CBO working on severe community problems directly hindering development in Rakai district.



    Maternal and Child Health
    • Youth health friendly services/Adolescent health

Some of the Health Professionals working with Sanyu!

    Income generating activities/projects
    • (Food security)

A boy Fetching Water at the Borehole set up by Sanyu Foundation Uganda

  • Vulnerable children are those at a greater risk of suffering from social, mental and physical harm arising from extreme adverse circumstances. An orphan is a child below 18 years of age and has lost one or both parents. By virtue of status, most orphans are vulnerable.
  • Some of the children that Sanyu Foundation Took Under Her Care

  • Problems of orphans include diseases such as HIV/AIDs, Malaria, immunizable diseases, malnutrition, drop out of school, sexual exploitation, child labor, defilement, inadequate health care, discrimination, property grabbing from relatives. Sanyu foundation services to OVCs include support to formal education, nutrition support to children living with HIV/AIDs, children rights promotion, support to vocational skill training, access to health care services.

Some of the Sanyu Foundation Uganda beneficiaries

A volunteer and a local


  • Active participation; of members of the local communities in all capacity building training and development projects. This is essential because without participation there can be no empowerment. We encourage local communities to make their own decisions and find their own solutions to their unique problems.

Health Care

• Respect for each other
• Honesty and transparency
• Gender sensitivity
• Teamwork
• Accountability
• Respect for culture

Some of the crafts made by the women empowered by Sanyu. It is on the skill development and self-employment creation agendas.

Founding date: 2005

Organizational Partners: Ngoma Center.Inc, Kisa Outreach Uganda, The Government of Uganda, Rakai District Local Government, Lunkuse.Co,


(Please note that part of this information has been almost entirely extracted from the Sanyu Foundation Page on Facebook. The author has only made a few edits, and of course the introduction.) Should you want to reach out to us at Sanyu either for volunteer opportunities, further engagement, questions, or donations, kindly leave us a message on our page here on facebook or inbox author on this blog by filling in the contact form. Enjoy your visit to the LUNKUSE blog. We love you!


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